BCES Vegetation Management Program

  Properly planted and maintained trees can improve air quality and beautify our community. However, trees placed too close to power lines create fire and safety
  hazards and cause power outages.



BCES has an obligation to provide safe and reliable electric service to our customers. Our Customers have given permission (#5 Application for Service) to cut, trim, treat by chemical means, or otherwise control or remove trees, shrubbery, brush, or other vegetation to maintain our electric system right of way that may encroach upon overhead power lines and equipment.

Currently, BCES crews prune thousands of trees every year. BCES uses a technique called "directional pruning" to train trees to grow away from overhead lines. This technique, recommended by the National Arborist Association®, is healthier for trees than "topping" or "rounding" tree growth. Following this method limits the need for additional future pruning and keeps branches at a safe distance from power lines

BCES also uses targeted spraying on all power lines. We currently spray certain areas each year on a 5-year rotating cycle to cover the entire electric system. The State of Tennessee ensures compliance by requiring Volunteer Vegetation Management to be a licensed Commercial Applicator in the State of Tennessee.

Spraying Services are contracted out by public bid. Volunteer Vegetation Management is the current contractor for 2022-2023. Volunteer Vegetation Management has been in business since 1999. Volunteer Vegetation Management is very diligent in its efforts.  The chemical is applied using backpacks at ultra-low volume.  They target woody stem brush/trees and vines along the power lines. For more information on the chemical visit.

Volunteer Vegetation Management and BCES work closely to ensure compliance.

If you need additional information, please contact BCES Right of Way Foreman at 731-584-8251

Country: United States