high-efficiency-heat-pumpValley residents have been benefiting from TVA's heating and cooling upgrade assistance for decades.  Our Quality Contractor Network provides expert installation of energy efficient heat pumps to ensure high performance and customer satisfaction. 


Our customers must submitt an application accomplanied by a $35.00 application fee and a photo copy of their drivers license.  The customer must also be the property owner.  Approvals are based on a credit score of 625 or above, to which TVA does the application approval. The interest Rates are 6 and 8% based on the effiiciency.  A 13 SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate) would be the rate of 8%.  The 14 SEER or greater (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rate) is 6% and can be spread over a 10 year period.  If you would like to know more about electric heat pumps, or the entire energy right program, contact your local power company or visit www.energyright.com/residential

All heat pumps must be installed by TVA approved Quaility Contractors.  A list of these are www.energyrightpartners.com



Country: United States