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When We Disconnect

To the extent permitted by applicable law, electric service will be discontinued to any customer whose bill remains unpaid ten (10) days following the due date of such bill.  

What has to be Paid to Restore Service

The bill balance plus any service charges, and penalties must be paid in full for service to be restored.


Reconnection Fee

Whenever service has been discontinued by the Distributor for nonpayment, a charge of not less than fifty dollars ($50.00) will be assessed by the Distributor. If service was disconnected due to a returned check a $40.00 bad check fee is also assessed.


Reconnection After Hours

An extra charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) will be charged if resetting of meters involves overtime. The total charge of $100.00 for resetting meters after normal working hours.


Bad Checks issued for the purpose of  Restoring Service

For those delinquent customers who present a bad check for the purpose of preventing the disconnection of their meter for non-payment, the meter may be disconnected at the earliest possible date after the check for payment has been returned. In these cases, a charge of not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00) will be assessed by the Distributor for the reconnection fee. An additional $40.00 bad check fee will also be added.


Online Payments

Online payment can be made to restore service and must include the reconnect charge. Please notify our office after making an online payment to ensure the reconnect process is initiated. Please call our office to verify the payment amount. 731-584-8251




(REFERENCE Benton County Board of Public Utilities Service Policies Section 7)

Country: United States