UPDATED: 08/10/2018

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Have your Account Number Ready; XXXXXX-XXXXXX ex 123456-789112




Pay by Phone or Online by Card/Check--Immediate Posting to your account.

Option 1:  Please call 1-855-985-1133  

  • The system will ask you for your payment information first prior to asking for the amount or the choices below
  • When Prompted enter your full 12 digit account number, and verify it is correct. Located on your bill or on the front of your Account ID card.


Option 2: Online:

Paying by electronic check?  There are two sets of numbers you will be asked for off the bottom of your check.

sample check


NOTICE: If you are paying your bill and a reconnection charge, you MUST NOTIFY our office that you have paid your bill and reconnect fee to ensure the reconnect process is initiated.

**A convenience fee does apply for using this service based on the type of payment method used.


Q: I don't get charged anything at retail and restaurants. Why do I have to pay a convenience fee when using my Credit/Debit or Electronic Check when using this rush service?

A: Benton County Electric Service does not absorb the cost of using these services like retailers and restaurants. The majority of our ratepayers/customers pay by Cash, Check or ACH AutoDraft(free).

 If you have any additional questions please contact our office at 731-584-8251.






Country: United States