The CP or coincident peak charge is a customer's individual contribution to the overall monthly system demand at Benton County Electric. 

TVA bills BCES a Max Demand and Max Demand during the On-Peak Period.The  power billing customers pay their share of their contribution during the hour in which we peak. Indicated on the bill as CP Max Demand and CP Max Demand OPP (On-Peak Period) for General Power Service Class 2 and 3 customers.

Residential and General Power Service Class 1 customers do pay for their contribution as well but it is distributed at a class level based on data analyzed for load characteristics in the class.



If BCES System Peak was 48,000kW at 6AM. Based on data from the customer's meter, the customer contributed 500kw @ 6AM to that peak.  BCES will charge the customer the incurred cost. Remember; CP Demand and CP Demand OPP are direct pass throughs from TVA.

Country: United States