BCES Bill Definition

  1. Account Number: Your unique customer number.
  2. Meter Reading Date: Date billing cycle ends.
  3. Days Billed: Number of days in billing cycle.
  4. Amount Used: This is the total number of kilowatt-hours used this month.
  5. Present Reading: The latest kilowatt-hour reading that was recorded by the meter.
  6. Previous Reading: Last month's kilowatt-hour meter reading.
  7. Demand:Amount of kw demand used by meter in billing cycle. Residential customers arenot billed on kw demand.
  8. Due Date: The date your bill is due each month
  9. Contact Information: How to contact our office should you need to change your information, or have any questions.
  10. Compare Usage: A brief history that shows your current usage, your usage from the previous month, as well as the usage for the current month, BUT 1 Year Ago.
  11. Contribution Programs: Project Help; a program to assist the elderly with their electric bill. You choose the amount you would like to donate every month. Round Up; a program that rounds your electric bill up the next whole dollar amount. This an "Opt Out" program. It is an assistance program for anyone who may qualify. Also, the most you will contribute per year is less than $12.00. Any funds collected from the above  programs are turned over to the Ministerial Alliance and will be distributed from their office.


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