Security lights may be installed on existing Distributor poles for a Twenty Five Dollar ($25.00) charge, provided that there is an existing 120-volt circuit on the pole. If a pole must be installed for the light, there will be a One Hundred Fifty Dollar ($150.00) charge in addition to the above-mentioned charge.

A customer must have a pay rating of six (6) or better to qualify for a security light.

All security lights must be attached to a Distributor pole and the Distributor will not install a transformer that will only service a security light.

Customers will receive a free month's service on their Outdoor Light if it is reported out and is not repaired within five days. This free month would not apply during severe storms and other emergencies.


Revised: 5-26-98

Revised: 3-25-03

Revised: 8-26-08

Country: United States