The net payment period for residential customers of the Benton County Electric System shall be no less than 15 days before the net due date, and for all other classes of customers no less than 10 days before the net due date. The late fee amount charged will not exceed Five Percent (5%) for any portion of the bill paid after the net payment period. This is in alignment with the contract signed between BCES and TVA.

Benton County Electric System will inform Customers about rates and service policies through the Application for Electric Service provided by BCES, on BCES’ website ( and upon personal request at any time. All retail rate changes will be communicated through the local newspaper (The Camden Chronicle), BCES’ website, and posted notices at the office prior to said dates of change. Upon request, BCES will provide a statement of a Customer’s monthly consumption for the prior 12 months, if reasonably ascertainable. 


This policy is an amendment to the Schedule of Rules and Regulations, Item #9, in the Power Contract between TVA and Benton County Electric System.

Country: United States