27. BCES Standard Line Construction Practices


BCES has adopted minimum construction and protection standards as follows:



  • Single-Phase Primary Poles:                               Minimum of 40ft Class 2 Pole or Taller
  • 3-Phase Primary Poles:                                       Minimum of 45Ft Class 2 Pole or Taller
  • Secondary:                                                           Minimum of 30ft Class 2 Pole or Taller
  • From Substation to First Sectionalizing Device:  Minimum Class H1 Steele Pole
  • Heavy Load/Equipment Poles:                            Minimum Class H1 Steele Pole
  • (BCES Discretion)



Residential Transformer:                                           Minimum 15kVA Pole Mount or 25kVA Pad Mount

Commercial Transformer:                                          Minimum 15kVA or based on Load Sheet Provided by Customer.



Primary Wire:                                                            Minimum #2 ACSR

Secondary Wire:                                                       Minimum #2 Triplex and 1/0 Quadraplex


All line construction shall be in compliance with the NESC (National Electric Safety Code).


Restoration & Protection Measures:


  • All (3) three-phase reclosers shall be No-Oil Vacuum
  • All devices shall utilize Schweitzer Controls
  • Lightning Arrestors shall be installed every mile
  • All taps shall be protected by a fused disconnect switch and lightning arrestor
  • Wildlife Protection shall be installed on all transformers, OCR(Oil Circuit Reclosers), and 3 Phase Reclosers



  • All new construction or replacement shall be a minimum of 96C Aerial Dielectric Self Supporting (ADSS)
  • A (600ft) storage loop and / or splice can shall be installed every 2500ft


Adopted: April 28, 2020

Amended May 26, 2020       

Country: United States