Due to the dwindling supply of Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium bulbs, and the expected “End of Life” non-led bulb production, BCES is moving to LED Street Lighting.

Standardized Streetlighting

BCES will utilize three types of LED lights for streetlighting. The WatchLight without a diffuser, Autobahn (Cobra head), and Holophane Mongoose fixture for larger areas. The lights will be installed in the following order:

  • Holophane Mongoose
    • State Highways (Hwy 641, Hwy 70, and Hwy 69, Eva Rd (Hwy 191)
    • Any road or highway larger than two lanes 18’
    • Street light poles not set at the road’s edge where BCES deems this fixture would be more effective.
  • Autobahn (Cobra Head LED)
    • Standard Streets meeting the minimum width of 18 feet
  • WatchLight Series (Diffuser Removed)
    • Side Street is smaller than the minimum 18 feet
    • Alley Way Lighting

Replacement of Working or Malfunctioning Street Lights

  • Malfunctioning lights shall be replaced and covered by the active investment charges and billed accordingly.
  • Functioning group of Streetlights to be changed may be requested by entire street:
    • The process will occur as follows:
      • Request working light(s) to be replaced by entire street.
      • General Manager approval on the project.
        • Current Plant value of fixtures identified and totaled.
        • The requested party chooses:
          • BCES dispose
          • Return fixtures to requestor paying.
        • Plant value of fixtures invoiced to the party requesting.
        • Requestor paid; construction begins to replace lights.
        • At construction completion, old fixtures are disposed of by BCES or delivered to the requestor.

**The Plant Value Invoice should not “Net” the Work Order. The full cost of the new lights, material, and labor shall be added to plant accounts for investment charge calculation.

Custom Outdoor Light Requests
Any customers wishing to install any type of decorative lighting may choose to do so, at their own full expense. At BCES’s discretion, a determination will be made if BCES can assist the customer for install, maintenance, and/or repair. The customer must keep stock at their location, and BCES will charge for assistance at the current rate for labor, transportation, and materials.


ADOPTED: November 30, 2021

Country: United States