Meter bases can be purchased from Benton County Electric System and picked up at our warehouse location. If a meter base is not purchased from BCES the meter base must be approved by a representative of BCES before the meter base is installed.

The fee for meter bases is as follows:

  • 100 AMP Overhead $40.00 (forty dollars)
  • 200 AMP Overhead $40.00 (forty dollars)
  • 200 AMP Underground $100.00 (one hundred dollars)
  • 400 AMP Overhead or Underground $225.00 (two hundred twenty-five dollars)

Socket style meters will be provided up to a 400-amp service. If instrumentation metering is required the cost will be as follows:

  • Single Phase Metering $675.00 (six hundred seventy-five dollars)
  • 3-Phase Metering $3,450.00 (three thousand four hundred fifty dollars)
  • Pad Mount Metering $2,940.00 (two thousand nine hundred forty dollars)
  • Single Phase Primary Metering $3,420.00 (three thousand four hundred twenty dollars)
  • 3-Phase Primary Metering $10,240.00 (ten thousand two hundred forty dollars).


Meter bases must be located where they will be easily accessible at all times.

Meter bases must be located on the exterior of all structures. No meters will be allowed to be placed in areas which will remain locked or where hazards may exist for Distributor personnel. The Distributor should be contacted to assist in locating mutually acceptable location for each meter base.

If an existing meter base will be enclosed due to new construction, the meter base must be moved to the exterior of the structure.

Adopted: September 22, 2015

Revised: January 31, 2023                                                  '

Country: United States