• Apply Traditional Deposit
  • No Late Fees
  • No Reconnect Fees
  • No Monthly Bill
  • $25 Deposit
  • View Daily Usage and potentially save 12%


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What is Pay As You Go?
How Does it Work?
What if my account runs out?
How do I Get Started?
Who Can Participate?
Track my Usage?

Your Choice...Your Way

Traditional Billing is the way most electrical customers are billed today. BCES Is excited to offer another option to our customers enabling them to manage electric service in a different way.

In Traditional Billing you pay a higher deposit, connect your meter, and your meter is read in thirty days, and your bill arrives shortly after. The old traditional model everyone is familiar with.


Pay As You Go billing, you pay for electricity how and when you choose, the same way you buy gasoline for your car. Purchasing electricity before you use it allows you to control your budget and pay how much you want when you want.

There is only a $25 deposit, $25 Program Activation Charge, and a minimum of $40 purchased energy to get started, but you have a deposit already on your account, BCES can apply that full deposit towards the past and future energy purchase.


FuelGagueHow Does it Work? (Return to Top)

You purchase electricity before you use it. Make payments when you want, online, over the phone, or in-person at our main office location, and coming soon our 24/7 payment kiosk that takes cash/check credit/debit cards.

When your account runs low, you will get an alert of your choice: by phone, text, or e-mail letting you know it's time to refill your account. Just like the low fuel light coming on in your car.

Just like putting gas in your car, stop in our office, online, or by phone to choose how much to put in your energy tank.


What if my account runs out? (Return to Top)

If funds in your account run out, you will receive a pending disconnect alert by phone, text, and e-mail containing the minimum amount you must pay to keep your lights on one more day.

If you fail to pay this amount your power will be automatically disconnected the following morning. You will receive another alert of Your Choice indicating the minimum amount that must be paid to restore service.

We encourage customers to keep a balance of $20 or more on their accounts. If you do become disconnected, the system does require a $20 minimum credit balance to reconnect your service.

You can refuel your account anytime day or night online, by phone, or coming soon at our payment kiosk. Service will be restored automatically in a short amount of time. There is no disconnect or reconnect fees.


What Does it Cost? (Return to Top)

With Pay As You Go, you pay the same rates as traditional customers. There is an additional .30/day program participation fee. This cost covers the specialized equipment, software, and notification service to offer this special opportunity to our customers.


How do I get started? (Return to Top)

New Customers: $25 Deposit, $25 Program Activation Charge, $2.70 ID Verification, and $40 Minimum Energy Purchase and stay on Pay As You Go a Minimum of six months. If you move to another location your six months will start over at the new location.

Existing Customers: Existing customers with traditional billing may convert to Pay As You Go at any time. Any deposit on your existing account will be credited to the existing account. An existing owed balance after the deposit is credited may be placed into our debt recovery program. Each time you make a payment, a portion will go toward the outstanding balance still owed.

Should you decide to prepay billing doesn't work for you, it's simple and easy to return to a traditional account at any time, although you will need to pay any required deposits. You must remain on Pay As You Go for six months. If you move from one location to another, your six months will reset.

Contact Benton County Electric System at 731-584-8251 or Contact Us Online.


Customers must complete the standard applications for service and a Pay As You Go Agreement.

PDFICONPay As You Go Agreement



Who can participate? (Return to Top)

All single-phase Residential and General Power Service Customers with an internal disconnect meter.

Not sure if you qualify? Got Questions? Contact Benton County Electric System today.


Track Daily Electrical Usage? (Return to Top)

Track daily electricity usage and daily temperatures with By monitoring energy use and adjusting habits or appliance operation, you can save money. Pay As You Go Users who track their daily usage typically see a 10-12% reduction in their consumption.

If you still want access to your daily usage but are not interested in the Pay As You Go Program you can sign up for a usage monitor account for free.

Go to for a monitoring account for traditional accounts..














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