Prior to purchasing property In Benton County, TN it is very important to consult with BCES to ensure electric service can be run to that location.

Benton County Electric System can provide electric service to any customer in Benton County; however, if lines need to be extended to serve this particular customer, then the process below will be followed and any charges and fees paid in full prior to construction beginning for new service installation.  

We will explain this process below and provide references to service policies and cost for guidelines.

Before a meeting with the operations superintedant

  • Complete the Application for Service.
  • Complete the Load Sheet. This serves as a guide to sizing your electrical service needs.
  • Call our office at 731-584-8251 and tell the CSR's you need new service. They will schedule a meeting or have BCES's Operations Superintendant call to setup a time to meet with you at the location to evaluate your needs. Please e-mail, drop-off, or fax your Load Sheet to our office prior to meeting the operations superintendant.

 At and After the meeting

The operations superintendent will work with you on site to discuss what it will take to get service to your location. We have allowed distances before extra chagres and fees are added, they can be referenced on the BCES Charges Sheet. A link is provided below.  After analzying the location, discussion with prospective customer, and reviewing the load sheet for the service; a determination will be be made on cost and fees associated will be presented to the customer.


Final Steps

Steps after charges and fees to add on prospective customer have been identified they will be returned to the Customer Service Representatives. At this point the customer must come to the office to pay all charges associated with construction and service setup fees.  If you are not able to come to office, please contact 731-584-8251 to setup alternate arrangements.


To ensure  your services are activated, these steps must be completed.

  • Customer must show proof of a sewer permit before an electrical inspection can be completed, unless it is an RV. If in the city limits veriication of city sewer hook-up.
    • Sewer Permits can be purchased at the Benton County Health Department located on 225 Hospital Drive, Camden, TN
    • 731-584-4539
  • All fees must be paid in full before service will be constructed and connected.
  • All Inspections Passed
  • FInal Service will be activated and a meter set.
  • Your bill is read on the same day each month and due on the same day each month. Unless you are utilizing the Pay As You Go Service Option.



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